was first conceived in 1987 with the intention of offering Consulting Services to European business concerns based mainly in Germany. Since then the British-run company has specialized itself, catering mainly to middle-sized companies of all categories operating in central Europe.

Consultants are generally free-lance with long-year managerial experience of international industry and commerce and are specialized in their individual fields of work. The Company is divided into four divisions: 

General Business Consulting

In many companies Management has failed to move with the times and our human resources, probably the most valuable element in industry, are still generally treated as being a necessary evil. It is therefore our primary objective to alter or improve this situation. Our work covers many fields:

    • Motivation of Human Resources
    • Anonymous employee opinion polling
    • Work analysis surveys with job descriptions
    • Reorganisation of the existing hierarchy
    • Sales and Marketing Planning
    • Financial and Business consulting
    • Work Methods and Standards Analysis
    • Value Engineering

In addition we assist foreign firms to gain a quick foothold in Germany by organizing local staff, acquiring business facilities and guiding Management through the first months of dealing with a difficult German burocracy system that is unfortunately not typical of Britain or the USA.

Hotel Consulting

Based on the supposition that "quality" is not necessarily synonymous with "customer satisfaction", our aim is to eliminate all hostile elements adversely effecting the pleasure of the guests. In order to achieve this we make use of various management tools:

    • Hotel Quality checks on an "Anonymous" or "On-Site"-basis
    • Complete appraisal of the hotel, its services, its human resources
    • Anonymous internal staff questionnaire surveys
    • Guest satisfaction controlling
    • On-the-Job training of management and staff
    • Work analysis surveys with "job descriptions"

Parallel to the general upgrading process we also carry out work in other necessary fields:

    • "Corporate Identity" development
    • Implementation of new "Sales and Marketing" strategies
    • Work rationalization and organization
    • Internet development
    • Modernization and refurbishment of facilities
    • Business Analysis
    • Finances and Controlling

Our consulting procedures result in rising income based on more satisfied customers, a general upgrading of the physical hotel and of its services, increased employee satisfaction and cost reduction.

Hotel Architecture

The Architectural Planning of a hotel is an issue that is widely underestimated by European architects. For this reason it is seldom that modern hotels are constructed in a way to comply with the wishes of guests and the human resources needed to provide them services. Typical mistakes made include:

    • Toilets lacking ventilation and air conditioning.
    • Garbage deposited in containers situated behind the hotel.
    • Stairs barring the way for disabled guests and service trolleys.
    • The kitchen can be viewed from the restaurant tables and noise is disturbing to guests.
    • The carpets are too light in colour and spots and dirt are apparent.
    • Corridors and emergency exiting have to be used as storage space.
    • Signage in the Hotel is not sufficient and the guest becomes disoriented.
    • Conference rooms have neither air conditioning nor sun protection.
    • Bathrooms do not have sufficient space for depositing toilet bags or other items.
    • Television noise from neighbouring rooms disturbs, because walling is insufficient.
    • Desks, electric points and eMail connections are not available in the rooms.
    • Employers waste too much time due to unnecessary distance between service facilities.
    • Staff canteens and changing rooms can be viewed by guests.

For all those who have at any time been confronted with these largely unnecessary situations, it is probably strange to know that most hotels are still being built on principles outdated many years ago. There is almost no information to be acquired and only large hotel companies have ever documented this knowledge, however mainly in English.

As Architectural Engineers and Hotel Experts we have long year experience in the planning and construction of hotels and restaurants. Supporting the owners, financiers, management company etc., we assist in the initial planning, correct the mistakes, work together with architect and interior designer, if necessary plan ourselves and accompany the building as project managers through building construction and the pre- and the soft opening phases, until the hotel is successfully running.

Real Estate Development


Currently we are communicating with financial partners with a vision for the future and an understanding of the Chinese mentality, willing to assist us in creating a new ***3-Star Hotel Corporation. As at the end of 2006 only 4.747 hotels with *1 to *****5 Stars status were present and registered in the whole of China, returns on investment will be far higher than in similar projects built in Europe.

The first two Business Hotels, already with official building authorization, will be built in Yancheng, Yandu District , Jiangsu Province and are targeted not only at foreigner visitors, but also at the Chinese industrial middle class. Using a particularly low-cost building system, incorporating geothermal-, solar- and wind-energy elements, employing specialized staff training methods and a mass production of interior design elements, we expect to build at least 500 hotels in this category within the next ten years.

The Hotels will incorporate between 150 and 200 rooms and include an Atrium, Restaurant, Bar, Coffee Lounge, Conference Facilities, Swimming Pool, Fitness Area etc. Investment costs start at € 6.5 Million pro hotel with 150 rooms, including building site and all other costs involved. Our partners in China are currently on spot in Shanghai , Yancheng ( Jiangsu Province ) and recently also in Kunming ( Yunnan Province ).

Please contact us, if you are interested in the project, require assistance or are looking for contacts in China, Germany or elsewhere.